About Melbourne Reiki Centre

Welcome to MRC - The place of Reiki Teachings and Treatments in inner-city Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


My personal journey with Reiki began in my 20s, however my spiritual study began in 2009 when I attended Shoden, Beginner Teachings. As my practice evolved so did my love of offering treatments and this then evolved into what is now known as Melbourne Reiki Centre (MRC). I began MRC in 2012 and continue to connect and support people's healing and spiritual journey. My practice is founded on the grounding precepts of Usui Reiki Ryoho, a Traditional Japanese principled approach to Reiki.  Developing my own self practice through which I may then support others.


In a busy world there is nothing better than being able to not travel far and take time out, relax and recharge and that is exactly what we hope to offer at Melbourne Reiki Centre.


The practice of Reiki can support Physical Healing, Mental and Emotional Healing and Spiritual Healing. Reiki can benefit illness, be a support for maintaining wellness. It can be practised by anyone, anywhere. It supports the body’s natural healing process.