Meditate with your Pet


In this half day workshop we will be exploring how much your animals LOVE meditation. Yes they do! And how you can meditate with them, how they can help you meditate as much as you supporting them.

If you love your dog, cat, lizard, horse or any animal you have as a pet or simply love the native animals around you, then this workshop will help you combine the love of meditation with your animals.

Animals are such beautiful teachers and we can learn to connect with them in a deep and powerful way when we meditate with them.


We will cover

- Specific meditations for working with animals
- How to meditate so it is safe for you and the animals
- The Healing benefits of meditation for your pet
- How you and animals can create a deeper bond 
- Supporting mature pets
- Supporting young and active pets
- How the animals can help you with meditation
- If you have studied Reiki then this workshop will give you the framework to apply for doing Reiki with Animals.


You will Receive

- Notes on all the material covered
- Refreshments
- Links to guided meditations to support you after class


Who is this workshop for?

It's for anyone that loves animals, whether you have a pet or not. It is for people who already meditate and those who never have, suitable for all levels of experience.


What to Bring?

You only need to bring yourself, however if you have a photo of your pet do bring it with you to share. If you don't have a pet but love animals feel free to bring images of the animals you love.

Please leave your real pets at home, you will learn all you need in this workshop and be able to apply the techniques for you and your pet when you and your pet are in the comfort of your own home.

Price $95 

This is open to all people from age 14 +. You do not need to have learned meditation you will learn everything in this workshop and if you already meditate then you will be able to learn how to incorporate what you already do with animals.