Healing for U - Neuroscience meets Energy Work

14th April 2018

9am - 1pm


Neuroscience meets Yin Yoga and Reiki Meditations. Unique experience to learn simple and powerful meditation techniques that help you mentally, physically and emotionally.

In this NEW for 2018 half day workshop you will experience simple and powerful techniques that help you mentally, physically and emotionally. Learning how to engage your brains (yes you have more than one!) and use this to bring alive healing in the body.

The benefits to cultivating and balancing your physical body and energy help with better sleep, relieving anxiety, stress and over thinking. Helping you release muscular tension and balance the autonomic nervous system through the breath techniques. Supports you feeling more yourself and giving you the energy to do what you need each day.

The practice of Reiki and Yin Yoga is centred around your mindset and specific meditations that help us be centred, grounded, clear our minds, which all then helps to cultivate our energy.

In this half day course you will learn
- Grounding Meditations & Yin movements
- How to centre and self heal and restore your energy
- All about your 3 brains and how the autonomic nervous system works and how to balance it
- Rest peacefully in your heart for a fuller life

In this course you will recieve
- A workbook covering the activities taught
- Refreshments
- Voucher for use at Melbourne Reiki Centre future course
- And more...

This course is not accredited and does not fulfil the requirements of formally studying Reiki. If after this course you would like to begin formal study with Melbourne Reiki Centre you will receive 10% off your Shoden Reiki 1 Course.

Price $95