Meditation in Education - For Staff

Our mindfulness meditation programs are designed to complement and enhance the knowledge of your staff, supporting and empowering them to embrace meditation in their classroom. 


The benefits of meditation are becoming very well known through many studies in Australia and overseas. These benefits have positive impacts for educators and their pupils which include "enhanced concentration, developing the muscle of the mind that is used in memory retention and recall, as well as  awareness and regulation of emotions


Our work focusses on supporting the teachers whose task it is to develop our next generation with mindfulness practices that teach children they can meditate without an app (image that) and incorporate our "Clean Questioning" program for building healthy observation and questiing skills without assumptions or judgements.


We work with staff and students & parents in


Early Primary

Secondary years 10, 11 & 12


How we work

The following are the three offerings and they can be taken individually or as a package. For specific details and investment contact us.


1. Staff Immersion Program

Staff attend a 1-Day Customised program at our centre, learning all the different ways mindfulness meditation can be brought into your educational setting.


2. Staff Mindfulness Program

We come to you and faciliate a fortnightly meditation program to support staff (educators, admin, support staff, leaders) in developing their own daily practice. Practise what we teach.


3. In Class Support

If needed we can take our support right into the classroom and support you with design and implementation in your setting.


4. Mindfulness for Parents

We can bring our program to your school for the parents so they too can embrace the wonderful world of mindfulness from the view of a child and have fun with meditation at home as a family if they choose.