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Melbourne Reiki Centre teaches traditional Japanese principled Reiki of the Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage and is of the same philosopy and teachings as the International House of Reiki and is registered and acknowledged by the Industry Associations, Australian Reiki Connection,  Reiki Australia and Shibumi International Association

We aim to reflect the teachings that were taught by Usui Mikao during his lifetime. Hence there is no modern western founder of this branch, rather an ongoing research and study into the traditional teachings. At Melbourne Reiki Centre we embrace the Japanese prinicples within the system of Reiki and continue to follow this as the way of teaching from our teachers, Bronwen Logan and Frans Stiene.

Reiki Courses are offered in three levels. They are listed below. MRC also runs a Reconnect to Reiki course to support people who may have lost touch with their own Reiki practice and want to reconnect with it and a Meditation with Animals suitable for people who have stuied Reiki and those who have yet to do so.


Shoden - Level 1 Beginner Teachings - $410.00


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Focus is on learning to heal yourself and others. Shoden, a Japanese work which means "Beginner" Teachings.



Okuden - Level 2 Hidden or Inner Teachings - $455.00


Reiki 2 Course

Connect deeper in your own practice and gain Professional Practitioner status




Shinpiden - Level 3 Mystery Teachings $1500

Level 3 Reiki - Shinpiden

Developing further in your personal practice and you will learn the tools for becoming a Reiki Teacher.  Many people study level three purely for their own spiritual development and practice. It is a course that connects the meanings of the spiritual practice that you have learnt in level 1 & 2.  New dates are currently being decided for 2016. Please join the mailing list to receive updates.



Reconnect with Reiki - $299.00



This 3 hr refresher course is designed for people who have studied at least Reiki One, have not been practising & would like to reconnect, rekindle their Reiki Journey.

This course is run as a private booking under Courses on our booking page. This allows for customisation of the material to you and where your practice is at as well as flexibilty with attending when it suits you. 
We also run private small group sessions. For these please contact us to arrange yours. 

Animal Meditation "Meditate with your Pet" Workshop- $95.00

In this half day workshop we explore how much animals LOVE meditation. And how you can meditate with them, 

supporting each other.

All details of this course are on our booking page and it is open to anyone who loves animals, no prior experience of Reiki or Meditation is required.