OMG I feel amazing :) Doing the Shinpiden is such a different Level of Reiki. 
I realised that my work environemnt is sooo not grounded. And all I do is sit at my desk and ground myself. Its great :) I love it. I'm like 'Reiki-ing' the whole place right from my desk.  Haha.

THAAANNNKKK YOUUUU :) It is amazing. Such a deeper level of looking at the world.


Helen, Shinpiden Student, 2017

Thank you for such a wonderful first Reiki session. I felt so light, balanced, positive and upbeat for days after. 
I’m looking forward to booking another session soon. 

Maral, Melbourne 2017


I did my second (level) Reiki with Deb today. The first one was already amazing. but the second one (Okuden) connects all of it together. Everything starts making sense. Deb is always there for any questions even after the course. Thank you for teaching me Reiki!

Helen, St Kilda 2016

I have recently started my reiki journey through Reiki Shoden with Deb - what a wonderful teacher she truly is. Deb holds a space for you to learn and explore your own energy and connect with that of others via Reiki. Beautiful meditations, chats and passing of knowledge around the group it made for such a delightful weekend experience. I enjoyed it so much, and, keen to experience more I attended the Reiki Share which is held once a month. It is open to any of Deb's students, and doesn't require you 'be' at any level or practice of Reiki - it is a warm and welcoming environment providing you with a chance to connect with your energy and that of others; and in true reiki style just be open to receive whatever it is you need. So glad I found MRC and the wonderful Deb. Highly recommend.

Eliza, St Kilda 2016


I have just completed the Reiki 1 course which completely exceeded my expectations. I met three genuine, strong, amazing ladies, one of which was our teacher Deb. Thank you to you all, I learnt so much from you. 
Deb, you are a fabulous teacher and so generous with your time. Your business is definitely not driven by monetary gain but a passion to pass on your skills and life experiences to make a difference.
I took so much away with me from your course and gained some really valuable life skills.
Gillian, 2015

Shoden Reiki 1 Student


Wow! Along with two other very special souls, I have just completed the Reiki 1 course with Deb. It was such an incredible weekend of exploration, discovery, acceptance, learning and energy. Deb gently and expertly guided us through various meditations before teaching us how to do various forms of Reiki treatments on others, including hands on healing. She is so generous with her time, knowledge and experience and we all felt amazed at the effect we could have on one another following Deb's teaching. I now truly believe that we all have this incredible capacity to heal ourselves and others and to facilitate the flow of spiritual energy. I can't wait to do Reiki 2. Thanks Deb

Genevieve, 2015

Shoden Reiki 1 Student

It was so nice to meet you, I feel lucky to have found you. I feel a lot more centered, last night was the best nights sleep I've had since I've been in Australia. Most of all thank you for all your kind and supportive words, warmth and laughter.

Olivia, Richmond 2015

Thank you Deb you are a delight to work with.  I really valued our time together and am excited to start the year doing these processes to grow my business.

Erika, Ringwood 2015 

Coaching client

Deb has been a fantastic coach and support in the 5 years I have been working with her. She strives to help me  grow and develop in my career and personal life. Her advice and support has been paramount in every role I have achieved and she always help me get the best out of myself. I will continue to seek Deb’s skills.

Rachael P, Carlton 2014

Reiki is a beautiful experience that is a must for anyone wanting to discover their inner selves.  It has given me much needed purpose and intent in my life and a greater sense of clarity in my day to day activities. 


Deb as a practitioner and teacher is an amazing person who is full of knowledge, experience and wisdom that you can never get enough of.  Thanks so much Deb!!

Paul, Templestowe 2014