Meditation Practice at Melbourne Reiki Centre


Practicing Meditation techniques helps you to stay in the present moment, stay in the knowing and train the mind not to run into the past or future, to simply remain here and now.

We use breath techniques, gentle movement techniques, sound and more to help you bring the practice into every aspect of your day.

Our clients see us as we help people transform their anxiety, their crazy busy minds and this has direct improvements on their overall health and wellbeing.

  • Our 30min public class is a great regular slot in your week to train the mind.

  • Our yoga nidra classes are also great for calming body and mind as well as bringing forth inner wisdom.

  • Our private classes allow us to share a greater variety of techniques for mind focus, energy cultivation and deepening personal balance.

Come join a class today and see the difference a little meditation can make

I have learned so much from attending meditation classes with you. Thank you so much for your care, consideration and skill in instruction to help ground my mind in the moment. I sleep better now, I am calmer and meditation is not some scary thing. I know how to incorporate it into my daily life.
— Vic, Hawthorn

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