Our Reiki Story

In this busy world there is nothing better than being able to easily take some time out, relax & recharge and that's exactly what we offer at Melbourne Reiki Centre.

Melbourne Reiki Centre was started by me, Deborah Dalziel in 2012 from a love of the inner-transformation that Reiki has brought into my life. I wanted to be immersed in that practice even more and share that passion. I originally worked from home, and then soon began renting a space with a naturopath and from there sourced a dedicated space and opened up in my current location, Hawthorn in 2014. Love for you to visit this dedicated spiritual self healing practice space.


The Practice of Reiki is at its roots, the art of meditation, is about self care & transforming your mind.

Reiki is first and foremost a self meditation practice that supports the transformation of your mind. It can be a light practice you do to calm your body, energy and emotions and thus mind. And for some becomes a deeply spiritual and self transformational practice. Reiki can support Physical Healing, Mental and Emotional Healing as well as Spiritual Healing.

The hands on healing aspect of Reiki practice can benefit illness, be a support for maintaining wellness for you and your loved ones, including your pets. It can be practiced by anyone, anywhere.

If you'd like to be empowered and explore how reiki treatments and meditations can support your body’s natural healing process then you’ve come to the right place!

Discover Profound Self-Care

Thank you for such a wonderful first Reiki session. I felt so light, balanced, positive and upbeat for days after.
I’m looking forward to booking another session soon
— Maral, South Yarra