Learn to Practice Reiki


At Melbourne Reiki Centre we embrace the Japanese principles of the Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage.


So what does this mean?

It means that the practice taught is based on five key elements

  • Meditations & Techniques

  • Precepts

  • Reijui, Attunement

  • Symbols and Mantras

  • Hands on Healing

Reiki is first and foremost a Spiritual Practice guiding you on your true path. This is facilitated by practicing the daily meditations and other techniques you learn right from the first level. It is so important that your teacher has learned these techniques and continues to practice.


The daily Reiki meditation practice is for the cultivation of one’s energy. It transforms your mind’s thoughts, habits and balances you emotionally and physically. It is from this cultivation that you are able to offer treatments to others, if you choose.

I am so happy that I was able to do my Reiki course with the lovely Deb of Melbourne Reiki Centre. This course has helped me to heal, slow down, be connected with my breath and body, be grounded as well as listen to my intuition. Deb is such an engaging, interesting, authentic, fun and inspiring teacher. She provides such a richness in her teachings and she is able to explain things so that they are really easy to understand. I would highly recommend this course to all those interested.
— Sarah, Shoden Student, KEW

Our Reiki Courses are offered in three levels

Each level is a stage of new learning and self discovery, transforming old habits, patterns and energy that hold you back from letting your true self shine bright into each day.




Shoden, meaning Beginner Teachings, your awareness and practice is developed to a level where you can practice regularly and cultivate your energy. You can also offer healings to friends and family if you choose. There are no pre-requisites to attend this course.




Okuden, meaning Hidden Teachings, the teachings hidden within you. This level transforms your awareness of Reiki with deeper practices further transforming your energy (and mind). At least 2 to 3 months of daily practice between Reiki 1 and 2 courses are needed so you can embody the earlier teachings. This level sets you on the path of Professional Practitioner if you choose.




Shinpiden, meaning Mystery Teachings, exploring the mystery of the universe. When you take your practice to this level you have been working with the teachings of level I and II for some time and know within you it is the right time. Whilst it is also know as ‘Master & Teacher’ level, your motivation for study at this level is first and foremost of personal self discovery. If you decide you would like to formally teach you are guided on a path to help develop this from this level.


Further Study


Melbourne Reiki Centre runs many special events each year and also offers student mentoring to assist with your practice and development.

We also run a Reconnect to Reiki course to support people who may have lost touch with their own Reiki practice of any lineage and want to reconnect with it.

OMG I feel amazing :) Doing the Shinpiden is such a different Level of Reiki.
I realised that my work environment is so not grounded. I’m ‘Reiki-ing’ the whole place right from my desk.

THAAANNNKKK YOUUUU :) It is amazing. Such a deeper level of looking at the world.
— Helen, Shinpiden STUDENT, St Kilda

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