Cleansing Rituals, with a Reiki Twist

cleansing rituals

Within many cultures and traditions the idea of spiritual and space cleansing is of great importance for one’s wellbeing. To support you bringing in the 2019 new year and specifically the New Moon on the 6th January I have listed below some of my favourite ways to clear your mind, clear your space, settle your heart, become present, all of which allows you to let go of what is no longer serving you and be open, peaceful and present to what arises.

Choose and combine as many as you feel resonate with you.

Using Reiki to cleanse a space

This ritual is something I do all the time and is for people who have studied Reiki energy work. Sit in a comfortable place, begin with Joshin Kokyu Ho meditation. Once you are feeling completely full, then expand the energy out through your body, through your skin and offer it to all corners of the room, filling the room. I suggest at least 10min but do for as long as it feels right for you.

Burning of Sage to cleanse a space

I love to use the traditional idea of ‘burning & smoking’ to cleanse as part of any ritual. I have had many different forest leaves and herbs burnt in traditional indigenous cleansing ceremonies in places like Africa, Mexico and here in Australia. The intent can vary but one central theme is to purify ones spirit, to settle one’s spirit. At home I use the most sustainable choice, dried organically grown and harvested sage and can be obtained at many good wellbeing shops, or if you are talented you could grow and make your own, that would be amazing.

The simplest way to approach this, if it is your first time, is to light the sage and allow yourself to intuitively flow and move around the house as you feel and offer the smoke to all areas. You may find you want to repeat some rooms many times. It is important to have doors and windows open and to have something below the sage to catch any embers. Traditionally a shell is carried under and one waves the smoke with a feather. You can of course do this too. If you don’t have such items it is okay to use a tray with sand, for example and allow your movement to be how the smoke flows.

And yes you can clear inside and out. I would generally not do this with pets or children or anyone with respiratory issues in the house or area to be cleansed and always be mindful as mentioned of having enough airflow.

When finished the sage will need to be plunged deep into sand in a safe bowl and left until all of the sage is extinguished. Otherwise it will keep burning even if you cannot see the smoke it can continue to burn. Please be safe and mindful, treat anything that is smoking with deep respect.

Cleansing Objects

  1. Come to a place of mindfulness for your whole being.

  2. Set a clear and open intention

  3. Place the object in your hand and swipe the air above the object as if cutting, swiping or wiping away anything not needed. Do this at least 3 times, in sets of 3 if you want to do it more than once.

  4. If you know Reiki you can offer energy at this time.

  5. To finish you can bring your intention back into mind and close the practice.

If the object is too big or heavy to fit in your hand, adapt the ritual as needed. Be creative. I often imagine that the image is in my hand or if not high I stand over the object.

Water Bathing for Self Cleansing

Water is used in many traditions as a source of cleansing and it can be too for you. Set an intention and move under a waterfall, under the shower, dip even in the ocean. Always follow safety rules if you are outdoors, nature rules first.

Sometimes we don’t want to get wet so for those that have learnt Reiki remember Kenyoku Ho. This dry bathing method is wonderful for yourself to cleanse, ground, be present and is great to combine when clearing spaces, begin with this practice and then clear spaces, then come back and end with dry bathing.


Using Sound

Sound cleansing is a beautiful way to heal and send a vibration throughout a space.


If you have studied Reiki level II or another spiritual tradition and know mantra chanting then this is a wonderful way for yourself to cleanse and also will transform the space you are in.

If you have not been instructed in any chanting then find a chant you like online and play it in the space. It will transform you. You can lay down and rather than listening to the sound itself, imagine, sense, feel the sound as vibrations and feel the vibration of the sound flowing through you.

Singing bowl

If you have a singing bowl you can ring the bowl as you walk around a room and allow your movements and the ringing to be intuitive. You can rest the bowl on your belly and gently let the sound to transform your being.


After cleansing

After cleansing I tend to enjoy resting in meditation for some time. I also may find some key words or ideas flow for me easier and so I keep a journal handy.

I also find that sometimes I want to move furniture or beginning a deep ‘real’ house hold dusting and cleansing either before or after. Sometimes one action leads to the next.

Creating an alter or sacred space that has objects linking to the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) can be very balancing, or perhaps you follow a particular faith and there are key items you wish to have present and be a focus for you.

Cleansing rituals can be performed on their own with a clear intent simply because it feels like it is needed, or to help bring in the new year, new moon, personal intention setting or special occasion. 

Whatever brings you to explore cleansing rituals may they bring you deep peace and joy.