How Are You Showing Up?


Yesterday I popped into Fitzroy for a late lunch at Smith & Deli, it was delicious. I'm dreaming of their lemon tart as I type. Sooo delicious. However that is the side note to this sweet story.

After this lunch I had some time left on the car meter so I popped into a store that had caught my eye when I parked. In the store, tried a few clothing items on, just for fun as you do, and chatted with other customers who were also trying on items. In fact another customer kept wanting me to try on so much, she was so in love the with clothes she started finding ones she thought would suit me. I went from two items to about 10 to try on in a matter of moments. Was really sweet to see someone so happy and passionate.

As I was leaving the shop the sales assistant spotted my Love Reiki jumper and asked if that was what I was, a Reiki Master? Not that I call myself that, but I said yes I practice and teach Reiki and her response was so lovely. She said, "Oh you were so calm in the change area, I just kept thinking how calm you were, it was so nice".

In my mind I was just being me, but to someone observing me, I was a calming influence for them in an otherwise busy day. This is the magic of Reiki and the power of daily Reiki meditation practice. You offer your energy wherever, however you show up. As Einstein said, "All Matter is Energy" We Are Energy. What is in us is what resonates from us and this is what others feel. It is our true nature that shines right out from our heart.

So if you want to be more mindful in how you show up in your day and perhaps bring a little bit more peace, calm and fun into your life then please do keep up your daily Reiki practice. It really does create a foundation for inner change. So ask yourself at different moments in your day/week/year,

"How am I showing up?"

Deborah Dalziel