Is a Hands-on Healing Treatment the only way to offer Reiki?


Many students who have various employment situations from Nurses, people who work in Offices, Teachers, Carers, medical specialists such as Osteopath or Physiotherapist and Massage therapists often mention that they can not do 'hands on healing' in the workplace like we do in class as it would not be seen as appropriate. And the question is then asked, how then can I use Reiki?

Hands on healing is one aspect of the practice of Reiki. If you meditate at home and you feel happier, less worry, less stress, less anger or frustration, and you then walk into your workplace and interact with colleagues and clients/customers and you are calm and happy, then this is your happy, calm energy that is greeting them and this is more important than walking up and saying that you can do Reiki and putting them on a massage table and putting your hands onto them with an intent to help them calm down, especially if they have no idea of what Reiki is. This action would not be compassionate and in all we do with our Reiki Practice is to keep in mind the Precepts. When people feel your calm this is your offering of a treatment.

If you sit next to someone and explain something calmly and clearly, this is you being meditative and bringing your meditation into your daily life. This is your Reiki practice in action. You may not ask a person to lay down on a table and place your hands on their head, but you are creating the same feeling and sense of space and calm because of the daily practice that you do at home. This too is Reiki Healing. If I have a clear mind then I am better able to connect and share the right information at the right time for that person. This is Reiki in action.

Your speech is your energy. Your energy follows your mind. If work is stressful or people around you are stressed you can breathe into your Hara, do a few JKH breaths and this can calm and centre you, bring the mind into balance and right then and there, this is the energy that you are sharing.

So whilst a Reiki Treatment on a massage table is wonderful and I am a huge fan of this ;-), if you bring with you into the workplace the principles of Reiki, the precepts, and use the breath techniques then your own actions will follow the mind and body's lead. And this then is you offering your energy in the workplace.

People already do this, however they often do it mindlessly, offering stress, and expectation and judgment. If we offer our energy mindfully then we are bringing our Reiki practice with us to work and it may not look like hands on healing but the offering can be as valuable.