What Happens at a Reiki Share Practice Evening?


Reiki Shares, also known as student practice evenings, are a beautiful opportunity for students to come together and practice Reiki together in a group setting with their teacher. When we practice in a group setting it is like the sound of a huge singing bowl being rung. There is this amazing resonance of of the practice that envelopes you and feels like it goes on and on. When we practice Reiki in a group together we are all metaphorically 'singing' together and this makes for one great connection of energy which can then go on afterwards and motivate and support our own daily practice. It is a really special and humble experience to be part of.

During a Reiki Share for students at MRC we generally will begin with a meditation or two, receive a reuji/attunement, we may also have time for student questions before or during and then practice hands on healing, finishing with the precepts. When you come to a Reiki Share come with your mind open, like a beginner’s mind the first time learning Reiki. You do not need to have the best practice. You need to only show up with an open mind and a heart ready to have fun with fellow students.

Attending Reiki Shares is what will build and stabilize your own practice. When I was learning Reiki there were no Reiki Shares near me and so I used to fit in my corporate work around my teacher's Reiki share in Sydney (when I could). This only happened a few times a year but when it did it was just the most amazing energy boost for my practice as well as meeting new people.

If you find you have some fears or worries about whether your practice is good enough to attend a Reiki Share then that is the exact reason to attend a Reiki Share. We 'share' and support each other on this amazing (yes I'm a little bias) spiritual practice and connecting back into our beauty, our happiness and feel that universal energy flow all the way through us. Reiki Shares are a chance to celebrate yourself and others. When you decide that Reiki is a path you wish to take and study I highly recommend you staying in touch with your teacher and attending their Reiki Share when they hold it. You will notice the difference in your own daily practice when you do.


Deborah Dalziel