The Foundation of Reiki


The System of Reiki, to summarise it to a core experience, is a way of meditating to help oneself become more grounded, centered and open with the ultimate purpose of connecting to ones true self. Rediscovering ones true self through practices within the System of Reiki that support your body, your mind and your spirit (also known as speech or energy).

The system of Reiki has a 'foundation of practice' that goes beyond the Hands on Healing most people associate it. It is a deep Spiritual & Healing that you can experience when following the Practice of Reiki.  This foundation incorporates The Precepts, Meditations, Reiju, Mantras & Symbols and Hands on Healing.

1. The Precepts

These are a set of phrases that support the development of your mind and your actions. To cultivate your mind to become more flexible, to not be stuck. To allow the mind to have a point of reference from where to reflect and to also allow yourself to reflect on the meaning of them in your day, each day for your own spiritual wellbeing and this in turn then can be seen in the actions you do. Your thoughts and actions are intertwined. A shift within one creates a shift within another. This is what science is now calling brain plasticity and why many well know mediators have had their brains monitored for the positive effects meditation can have.

2. Meditations

At each level of Reiki there are specific meditations that support the development of ones mind to rest and be aware at the same time. This then allows the development of 'ki' (energy) to arise more and then with the meditations we can use this 'ki' to heal ourselves, others. I found once I was introduced to the foundation practice meditation JKH it grounded my understanding and ability to bring meditation as a practice into my daily life.


This is a ritual performed by the teacher during the study of Reiki and also anytime that the student and teacher meet this ritual can take place. The intention behind the ritual is to provide the student with an initial experience of their innate true self. So that this can support them when they are at home doing their own practice. It is why I also offer the attunement/initiation at every Reiki Share or other teaching.

4. Mantras, Symbols & Chanting

Mantras and Symbols are introduced at Reiki Level 2 and Level 3. They are tools like the meditations to help oneself tap deeper into your own energy and to connect you to the energy of the universe. The more you practice the more open and connected you become within yourself. These are wonderful tools for also bringing the mind into a still space and when chanting the Mantras it allows for the vibration of the energy to come right from within you. Mantras, Symbols and Chanting are some of the tools within the System of Reiki I find so valuable in my own daily practice.

5. Hands on Healing

This is what Reiki is most known for today. Often what people think of when you say 'Reiki' is Hands on Healing. As you can see, it is the last of the points of reference I mention. None of these points are more important than the other; they are all needed in order to develop our mind, body and spirit/energy. We place our hands on someone and share the meditative space with them and offer this space so that they may heal. We create a healing space.

Heal is an interesting word. For me healing does not mean there has to be a known issue or illness. We may yes have an illness or injury that is physical that we wish to heal. We also heal emotionally, and spiritually and the mind too may need healing. That busy mind, it can benefit from the practice of Reiki. When we offer hands on healing, when we learn hands on healing, we are learning to heal ourselves first so that we then maybe a 'well-being' and support others. Wellness is not a fixed destination or goal, it is an ongoing life journey. We do our daily Reiki meditation practice that includes meditations, the precepts and see our teacher and receive attunements and receive a treatment from our teacher or from fellow students at a Reiki Share Practice evening so that we can support ourselves in our spiritual and energetic growth.


This is the foundation that you begin with within the system of Reiki.


We offer a deeper understanding of the Reiki practice through our Courses.