My Journey with Reiki


I have been learning reiki for a little over a year, but I’ve been aware of the practice of reiki since a young age as my mother practiced reiki and shared her practice with me as a child.

The practice of reiki brings a subtle knowing and awareness into my daily life. There is an intrinsic knowing that no matter what difficult situations I find myself in, I have an inner resource to tap into so that I can ground and centre. It helps me to check in with myself and be mindful in my every day life. The precepts are always in the back of my mind. If I catch myself getting wound up in a situation, I’ll recite the precepts and the principles of these resonate within me. They allow me to check in with myself.

During the past twelve months, I have studied the initial Shoden course with Deb, and re-sat the course twice more. Resitting the course allowed me to reconnect with myself, and also reconnect with new people and energies. It’s a wonderful experience to practice reiki and learn with new people. Having already learnt from Deb, I found I was able to drop into a deeper practice.

Reiki helps us to stay grounded and mindful in a world that is fast-paced and on the move. Reiki practice is relevant in every aspect of today’s world, because this vital energy is inherently within us. When we practice and tap into our inner resources, we find that we are calmer and more centred, and more able to create meaningful connections with others and the world around us. Personally, I find that my awareness is heightened and I am able to better follow my intuition and heart. When I practice reiki, I feel like I can offer the best version of myself to my world and this brings me happiness and peace within.

Personally, I do not work well to scheduled and rigid settings when it comes to practice. I am very much a ‘do what I feel is right for the time’ kind of person. However, as mentioned above, reiki is inherent within us - so I can tap in and practice at any point in my day. I might be sitting on the tram and breathing into my hara. I might wake up in the morning and do some meditations or chanting, or I might be sitting in a café journaling and drawing cho-ku-rei symbols alongside my writing. There is no one way to practice! That’s what is beautiful about reiki – we can do it anywhere. What works for me is being and open minded about what ‘practice’ means to me and keeping a flexible mindset.

At the moment, I am loving meditating and chanting with the cho-ku-rei symbol. I feel like a kid with a new toy to play with after recently completing the Okuden course! What a joy it is to explore reiki further and notice the benefits of continued learning and practice.


A little bit more about the author of this post, Eliza Revell
3 words that describe you at the moment? present, playful, proactive
When did you start learning Reiki @MelbReikiCentre? 2016
What do you do when you are not Practicing Reiki? constantly writing, expressing and creating while being anchored by the beautiful practice of reiki


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Deborah Dalziel