What is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese word literally translated as ‘Spiritual Energy’. The ‘System of Reiki’ is a spiritual practice for supporting healing and personal development and encompassed in this are a suite of tools (including meditation techniques, matras, symbols) one learns to begin to nurture our own Spiritual Energy. To connect to our true self.

There are many explanations and metaphors to help explain Reiki and what it means when we say Spiritual Energy and a Spiritual Practice. I like the image of a river. It is one Frans, one of my teachers often shares.

A river will have its own path that it follows, has its own flow. In a way we are like this river. We all have energy flowing in us and like what can happen in a river, things can interrupt the natural flow. Maybe trees fall in, branches or leaves, silt or rocks. Sometimes we barely notice them, our flow is strong and they pass though making no difference to our being. Other times it might feel like a boulder is in the way, interrupting the flow, our natural way of being.

Reiki helps to rebalance and support you in connecting to your own ‘flow’ each and everyday, to clear that which is not useful and find balance for your mental, spiritual, emotional, physical wellbeing.

A new client came for a treatment last week. They were here in Melbourne at the start of a holiday. They had been very busy with work, expressed their recent experience as “a very intense, enjoyable, yet frantic busy time with no sense if I was coming or going”.

After the treatment they noted how they felt lighter, their body and their mind. Their muscles felt relaxed and they could not remember the last time they felt so physically relaxed whilst also refreshed and awake. They shared that “my mind doesn't hurt anymore, just clear”. The Reiki treatment helped them rebalance the flow of their river to whatever flow was useful to their wellbeing.

Reiki is what we all are and the System of Reiki helps us to develop our inner self, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, allowing us to go deeper. I am personally humbled to have found this traditional Japanese practice that is simple, yet has so much depth and can be used everyday.

~ Deb Dalziel


In addition to one-on-one sessions, I also teach a number of Reiki Courses?