Meditation Cushion & The Dentist Chair


Why do we meditate?

So it can infuse our daily life. Well that sounds great, but what does this look like when we are beginning? A student recently shared how they used a mantra we had been chanting in their mediation sessions in a different context, the context of their daily life and it illustrates the beauty and power of regular practice.

The student was at the dentist, to have some drilling done - I know not the most desirable moment for anyone so lots of compassion here - as she sat down she said to the dentist "I'm going to do some meditation while we do this if that's okay". Perhaps this was a retorical statement, perhaps a question, either way the dentist said "yes sure, anything that helps you will help me" (great dentist).

And so she began focusing on the breath in and out, and as she did the mantra that we had been practicing automatically popped into her mind, so she began reciting the mantra.

As she recited, the fear and worry of the experience she was about to have softened and vanished. The mind was quiet only reciting the mantra and the body relaxed ... and the drilling happened. She accepted the situation without emotions taking over mind and body, AND without escaping from the experience.

What's also, in addition wonderful than the mantra being so helpful in the moment is there was minimal pain after the dentist chair visit and she found it easy to get on with daily life. To be able to stay in the moment.

When we practice regularly the meditation will spontaneously appear when we need it most.

How is your meditation appearing in your daily life?

Deborah Dalziel