Why Meditate?


Many of us live busy lives and we can end up training our head brain to keep thinking beyond what is needed. This pattern grows and grows and we can hear ourselves and others saying, "I can't seem to shut off my thoughts"... or "My head just feels so busy".

This constant stream of thoughts is a learned pattern and what Meditation offers is a way to help us see this pattern, realize we are not these thoughts, that we can observe the thoughts without following them and then find that space between the thoughts and breathe that into our soul. Finding Peace, Clarity, Quiet, Joy.

The benefit of Meditation is that the daily experience supports you by guiding the mind from busy & cluttered to quiet & clear. WE want to be meditative in all we do. So little bits often during the day is a more valuable and enriching way to begin. Finding a teacher that you feel a connection with is important. Finding a teacher who also does daily practice. So they may share their learnings is so important. I often say to people to visit many teachers, they all have something wonderful to offer. Perhaps you see a Zen teacher doe Zazen but you also like movement so you see a Qi Gong teacher. Perhaps you like a teacher who does energy work like Reiki or one who does guided meditation. Find out what you like and be open to this changing as your practice evolves, which it will.

Today there is a lot of scientific research evidence supporting the benefits of meditation and how regular practice can change the structure of the brain so that a person lives with less stress, less worry, is more emotionally balanced, able to easily be present and relaxed and centred no matter what is going on in their surroundings. This then has possibilities of such calm flowing into improved relationships with others and developing a more positive attitude. Effectively supporting the healing of your mind, body and spirit. I think all these are wonderful reasons to have your own experience.

Less Illness, More Wellness.

Deborah Dalziel