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MRC Privacy Policy

Melbourne Reiki Centre does not need to collect personal information about you in order for you to visit this website.

If Melbourne Reiki Centre do wish to collect personal information then Melbourne Reiki Centre will expressly ask you for it.

Personal information, for instance will be required by Melbourne Reiki Centre in order for you to receive further information or consultation from Melbourne Reiki Centre. Melbourne Reiki Centre will use and manage this privacy information in accordance with all applicable privacy laws in the Commonwealth of Australia. We will not share your personal information with any organisation outside Melbourne Reiki Centre.

Melbourne Reiki Centre may keep track of the domains from which you and other people visit this website for statistical purposes.

Terms & Conditions

The Website

Melbourne Reiki Centre is not in any way liable to you or any third party for any loss whatsoever associated with your use of this website.

Melbourne Reiki Centre makes no representations or warranties about the suitability, accuracy or currency of the contents of this website, lack of viruses or any other matter whatsoever with respect to this website or contents.

The website is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind. Melbourne Reiki Centre hereby disclaims all representations, warranties and other terms with regard to this website including all implied terms as to merchantability and fitness for purpose. Images are for demonstration purposes only and may not accurately reflect the actual product. 

If and to the extent any state does not permit the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, Melbourne Reiki Centre liability, in such state, shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Access to MRC Material and Certification

The Melbourne Reiki Centre reserves the right to remove a student from - or not add a student to - the Student Site or other online platforms.

The Melbourne Reiki Centre reserves the right to not provide a certificate of completion of course to a student and without monetary compensation. If a student cannot complete the course level material required of them a certificate cannot be provided. If a student is found to have acted inappropriately during the course, at the Student Site or in a professional capacity, certification may be revoked. 

Refund Policy

I have read all of the terms and conditions for bookings and cancellations for Melbourne Reiki Centre (MRC) and understand and agree to them. Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Coaching and any special events we run are ways of healing and transforming our mind and body, they are not suitable healing methods for everyone and each person must take responsibility for their own health. The staff of MRC will never diagnose or advise in any medical capacity. Melbourne Reiki Centre reserves the right to support based on our area of expertise only and reserves the right to refuse a client if we feel we are not the best place for them to receive treatment and support. MRC have a duty of care for all who visit us and we will ensure while in our care you are in a safe and healing premises. If I have specific physical and/or mental health needs I am aware that I should seek professional medical assistance for my mind and body wellbeing.
All individual appointments, classes and courses, gift certificates and packages are non-transferrable between people.

Booking Policy
All Reiki Treatments, Reiki Mentoring, Meditation and Coaching appointments require a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation and the cancellation will be added as credit back onto your account for the said service. If an appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of the booking the full fee is charged and non-refundable or transferrable. Prepaid cancellations before the cancellation period expires will be credited in full to a persons account for future use.

Casual Classes
All Casual Meditation and Reiki Share are able to be changed or cancelled up until 60min prior to session. The session will be credited to the client’s account. Once it is 60min prior to session start time the booking is confirmed and cannot be cancelled and no credit or refund is available. A Casual Package has a set date and after this date any unused will be forfeited.

Courses and Events
Your attendance is confirmed once full payment has been made. All courses and events must be paid in full prior to the date of the course/event. Refunds are only considered if a course is altered or cancelled by the Melbourne Reiki Centre. We do not accept responsibility for changes in students' personal circumstances and reserve the right to alter/cancel any of the available courses. If reasonable cause is established, students may move their attendance to the next available course date if there is one, up to a maximium of 12 months. After 12 months a new full fee will be required for your attendance. The Melbourne Reiki Centre must be notified of this a minimum of 48 hours (2 days) prior to a course or event and if not the student’s course payment will be forfeited. A catering fee may be required for any change in course date and you will be notified before making the change if this is applicable to you. Students booking a re-sit place at a Shoden, Okuden or Shinpiden Course, your place is valid for that booked date only and is not refundable or able to be rescheduled. In order to resit a course you must have fully attended and completed the said course at an earlier date.

For all appointments, classes, courses and events when a credit is applied, credit is valid according to the terms and conditions at the time of original booking. If you had credit on your account in our previous booking system (prior to August 2018 and it was still valid) this has been noted by MRC, please contact us to organise your next booking using this credit.

Packages of any service are valid for only 6 months (unless otherwise stated when booking and this will also be referenced in our booking system Acuity Scheduling) and once expired they are no longer valid.

Client Rewards Program
We no longer have any rewards program. If you had a reward from our previous booking system this has been noted by MRC so please call us to discuss.


  • Refunds or exchanges cannot be provided if the buyer changes his/her mind about a purchased product once it has been paid for.

  • If the goods received by the buyer are faulty the Melbourne Reiki Centre will offer either a full refund or exchange. In the case of a full refund for faulty goods, the full product purchase price (excluding any postage paid when placing the order) will be refunded directly onto the payment card used to make the purchase if the payment was made using a credit card. If payment was made via cheque or bank transfer, the refund will be made by cheque or bank transfer accordingly excluding any fees associated with the payment whether they be merchant fees or bank service fees.

  • In the case of an exchange, a replacement product will be sent within 28 days of receipt of the faulty product.

  • The buyer is responsible for the postage cost incurred when returning the faulty product. If the buyer wishes a new product in return for the faulty goods Melbourne Reiki Centre will pay the postage cost when sending the replacement product to the buyer. All products believed to be faulty must be returned and received within 21 days of notifying Melbourne Reiki Centre. Upon receipt of the returned product Melbourne Reiki Centre will assess its condition before authorising a refund or exchange.

  • Please note that the utmost care is taken in packaging products, therefore Melbourne Reiki Centre is not liable for any breakages or damage that occur to a product during shipping.

  • If the buyer requests an item to be shipped outside Australia, it is the buyer’s responsibility to check with the local customs service if there is any doubt regarding the importation of a particular product to the buyer’s country of domicile. Refunds or replacements as a result of local customs seizing products are not offered by the Melbourne Reiki Centre.

  • The buyer is requested to provide a contact name and phone number and email address in the event of a query with a returned product. The buyer will also indicate clearly the reason for returning the product, whether a full refund or exchange is preferred, and include the original tax invoice/receipt.

  • In some instances it may not be possible to offer a replacement product if the product is out of stock or discontinued. In this instance the buyer is entitled to a full refund instead (excluding any postage the buyer may have paid when placing the order).

  • Please note that when exchanging hand-made products there may be some variation in the replacement product you receive.


The Melbourne Reiki Centre Complaints Procedure is as follows. 

  1. Lodging a Complaint

    1. Any person may lodge a complaint in writing.

    2. The complaint must be set out in writing stating the issue clearly including reference to time, place and event.

    3. Complaints will be kept confidential (with the exception of making necessary contact with named witnesses/respondents).

  2. Complaint Receipt & Registration

    1. The date of receipt and nature of the complaint will be noted and an acknowledgement will be issued in writing requesting further information where required. 

    2. The respondent will be notified and invited to make comment. 

  3. Analysis of Complaint 

    1. The complaint will be investigated thoroughly in order to resolve the issue/s raised. 

    2. A determination will be made based on facts presented by both sides and any additional evidence uncovered by the investigation.

    3. If a resolution of the issue/s cannot be made amicably, external mediation may be attempted.

  4. Notification of Resolution

    1. All relevant parties will be notified of the official resolution which may include, but is not limited to, withdrawal of the complaint or notice of censure. MRC reserves the right to take relevant action. This may include removing students from the Student Site, and revoking certification if found necessary.

    2. Parties unhappy with the resolution may appeal.

    3. Appeal process information will be provided if a party wishes to appeal a decision and all interested parties will be notified.

 Gift Vouchers

All gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from purchase date unless otherwise stated on the voucher.